Rajna Music

RAJNA appeared in 1997 composed of Gerrard Chambellant,
Fabrice Lefebvre and Jeanne Lefebvre for the vocal parts.
Influenced by savours of the Eastern culture, the band carries out three albums :

  • Ishati (1999)
  • Yahili (1999)
  • The Heady Wine of Praise (2001)

After the exit of this third album and the departure of Gerrard Chambellant, the band officiates in duet and leaves The Door of Serenity into 2002 which will be followed by Hidden Temple in February 2004.

In 2005, Rajna is invested in a project which is due to him in heart…
In partnership with association “the House of Himalayas”, the totality of the royalties generated by the sales of their album anthology Black Tears will be transferred with association for the construction of a school for children of Nepal. In 2006 Rajna explores new horizons and new sounds to carry out the album of the appeasing: Otherwise.

After an encounter in Summer 2005 with the Napolitan musician Francesco Banchini, they started a collaborative project under the name of KHVARENA. A strong friendship gave birth to a first album entitled “The Spirit Rises” in 2007.